Oh, it's that time of year here in Wisconsin. WINTER. That dreaded "W" word that brings with it that dirty "S" word: S-N-O-W. OH MY!

Seriously, you'd think the world were coming to an end today. A snowstorm is on the way, which, in Wisconsin, means its a Monday. In December.  Because this is what happens in the winter. It snows. A lot. Every day. Was no one here last winter? Snow is not new. Nor is it news. But tell that to the local media who is shouting "SNOWSTORM!" from the damn rooftops.

Schools are - I shit you not - closing already for tomorrow. They closed before one drop of snow hit the ground. We're all about preemptive action here.

I don't mind snow. I mean, I wouldn't, like, move to the North Pole tomorrow, or anything. But I think snow is pretty. Snowy, blowy wonderland. Four inches, thirteen inches, I don't care. As long as I can still eat, breathe and sleep, it can snow all it wants.

Now, I see no need for the snow to last until April, but it's December. Bring it on.