Snail mail.

There is no better feeling in the world than opening the mailbox to find a package with your name on it. OK, maybe there is a feeling or two better than that, but for the sake of this particular blog, we'll say mail is better.

I returned home tonight from a fruitful 5-miler to find a box in the mailbox addressed to yours truly. Yay! A present! The return address was from cousin-thrive-removed Nate. Yay!

I'd been expecting this package. Mostly because earlier this week he emailed me and said, "Hey, I'm mailing you a package." I'm perceptive.

But inside was a handwritten note and a book. DOES IT GET BETTER THAN THAT? First of all, who writes notes anymore? No one. So to find one in my mailbox was fantastic. And secondly, a book!

Nate's a bit of a running guru, Boston-qualifier-type. So of course it was only appropriate for him to send me Dean Karnazes book Ultra Marathon Man: Confessions Of An All-Night Runner.


The best part, probably, is that the letter is dated Jan. 30. The second best part is that in the letter, he writes that he meant to send it three months prior, in October. Even better is that I received it today, at the end of March.

Oh, men. Can never rely on them to be on time.

The book was meant to be motivation for the Nike Women's Marathon I ran in October. When he wrote the letter in late January, he figured it could then just serve as a birthday gift. Now, it's just simply a nice gesture.

And I love it.  Because now I have something new to read. Plus some motivation.

He referred to the book as my, "Way to not quit running marathons, because in addition to being rewarding, they also hurt a lot" present. Enjoy, he said. And, don't ever stop.

Dually noted.