Six years later.

It was almost six years ago that my then-college roommate, Erica, set out for her first date with a guy she met in an architecture class. Devin was his name. Katie, our other roommate, had previously told her that if he doesn't come to the door when he picked her up that night, he needs to at least get out of the car so she and I could give our nod of approval.

So Katie and I peeked from our second-floor window as his car pulled up that evening, and sure enough, he stepped out of the car. Huh, handsome. Very well-dressed. Nice hair. Good car. And with that, Katie and I flashed a thumbs-up sign as Erica got in the passenger seat.

On Saturday, Erica and Devin were married.

It was a beautiful wedding. Erica was gorgeous and Devin as dashing as always. And they were so happy. And this may be because I just went through this myself just two weeks prior, but it's the first wedding I've witnessed that made me cry nearly every step of the way. Her walk down the aisle, the look on Devin's face, the vows, their tears, the kiss, the speeches, the dance. All of it.

But I think it's because I've known this couple since Day One. Their wedding brought the past six years full circle. I've witnessed the flirting, the fights, the late nights of architecture projects, the lazy mornings, the tears, the hugs, the dates. We essentially grew up together in our college years, and those two grew closer. And I love them both, so much.

And now, because you know I love posting photos, I bring you the pictures: