Six whole years.

A lot of life happens in six years, and if you know me, you know pretty much every single piece of it has been documented here. Hey! *waves to the internet*

Yesterday marked the 6th birthday of this very blog. Once called "conversation with myself." Once hosted on Blogger. Once on WordPress. For the last two years it's been here on my very own domain. I like it here. It's my safe place. Blogging has kind of fallen to the wayside in the favor of things like Twitter and, you know, not blogging. But I still like it here. So thanks for sticking around. If you are, in fact, still sticking around. Has anyone been here for six years? Bless your heart. All one of you. Mom. Hi.

I'm sort of surprised I forgot to acknowledge my blog birthday. Although, I also let the 50,000-word #NaNoWriMo goal slip through the cracks and 100 running miles for the month of November didn't happen, so, it wasn't my most shining month to follow through. In my defense most of the month was spent with a whacked out knee (I did run 85 miles, thankyouverymuch), and writing a novel with exactly no plan or outline or plot is hard to hammer out in 30 days, but I got a damn good start that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. So for those reasons, and because, well, life goes on, I'm not getting too down on myself about it. However, if you would've asked me yesterday, I probably would've just cried about all of these things. Yesterday wasn't my brightest day. I'm also back at square one in the job search, so saaaaad trombooooone.

A friend told me a couple weeks ago how much she admires me because when shit happens, I pick myself right up and keep going. It was nice to hear. Made me glad people can't see me most days of unemployment when I'm on the couch, unshowered, with a cat in my lap, freaking out because I don't have a job and "holy shit am I worthless?" and eating generic Fruity Pebbles for breakfast. While yes, I try to keep a positive outlook and venture out of my comfort zone and start a novel and smile and laugh and run, sommmmmetimes I panic, so don't be fooled. As much as my cats may disagree with the fact that I'm not also a feline, I'm actually human.

But here we are, friends. Six years later. Life still happens. I'm gonna be 30 soon. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can't wrap my brain around my being TWENTY-THREE when I started this thing. Just a wee thing. Employed. Still a newspaper reporter, even. Sigh. My life still untouched by the troubles that were the majority of my mid-twenties. But I'm still kicking. And I like my life, dammit. Sure, I don't like not having a job, but I'm happy. Write that down. And hopefully when we reflect upon things on the 7th birthday of this blog, I'm still happy. And, uh, gainfully employed.

Until next time, happy December!