Should go private more often.

Nope. Still not a private blog yet. But isn't this fun? Since when are there SO MANY OF YOU out there? I've gotten so many e-mails from people who've been reading this blog for who knows how long, but have never commented. My VIP list is growing and growing.

Because it's growing, I've got to purchase unlimited access from WordPress before I can actually go private. Right now, if I go private, only 35 people can follow along. Although I'd love to see the cat fight erupt over those spots, I'd rather not have to select just 35 people to come with to the, uh, dark side, if you will.

For $30 I can allow unlimited access to the private blog. So it's still going to happen, just not today.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the comments and the e-mails from all of the de-lurkers who've been crawling out of their hiding spaces. COME OUT! It's safe here! We don't bite.

Or I do, but, I mean, don't know about the rest of you...