Shoot. She got me.

Oh, hell. So I've been tagged. Thanks, Badgergirl...

:: giving the evil eye ::

There are some rules I'm supposed to post. Something about posting the rules. But I'll just get to the point, and ramble on about seven random facts pertaining to myself. As if the 100 useless facts above in the Readers Manual are not enough.



Alright, so No. 1: Sometimes when I'm nervous, my eyes dry out. Like, really badly. It happens a lot while I'm interviewing people for my job. I struggle to keep my eyes open because all they want to do is shut. It makes me paranoid that the other person probably assumes I'm falling asleep. Awkward.

Numero dos - When I was a baby, I could, and did, suck on my big toe. True story. There is photographic evidence. I cannot, and will not, do this now.

3)  I will not eat peas. I won't do it. Don't even ask.

four: I love the beach. Love it. I could lay on a beach all day, and be 100 percent satisfied. I love the sun. I love lounging around in a swimsuit. I love sand, and hot air. Good thing I live in Wisconsin, then.

V. I've tried many, many times to like beer, but it just doesn't happen. All beer tastes the same to me, and that taste is gross. I don't know what to do about this situation. I'm ready to call it a day, and consider myself a lost cause.

SIX - I secretly wish I was immensely talented at something, and could thrive on that for life. I wish it was running. Or writing. Or being ridiculously good-looking. None of this is a secret anymore.

No. 7: There are three traits I hate about myself - my nose, my hair and my stomach. I can deal with the rest.

So, if you read this, you're it. Sucker.