Shoes on snow, you say?

YOU GUYS I SNOWSHOED. Is "snowshoed" a word? Whatever. Is now.

I SNOWSHOED. It was, officially-ish, the first thing I did in 2010. A good friend of mine had rented a second pair of snowshoes and brought me out into the wilderness for some action. Snowshoe action, friends. At first he threatened he was going to chop me to pieces and leave my parts in the woods, but instead we snowshoed.


We followed some sort of snow-covered trail in the hills and woods, I got a stick in my eye, saw some blood droplets in the snow (not from said stick-in-eye), talked about life, got cold feet (literally) and had a blast. It was an excellent way to both get a killer workout (oh, my burning thighs) and enjoy winter. Because, if you haven't noticed, WINTER IS REALLY HARD TO ENJOY. Particularly when it's negative eleventy-nine degrees. EVERY GODFORSAKEN DAY.

So, snowshoeing is definitely a win. Turns out they run about-ish the same price as an expensive-ish running shoe, so I can totally rationalize getting a pair someday. Cross-training, socializing, winterizing goodness. Totally worth the price. My toes turned out to be pretty damn frozen by the time I got home (I audibly yelped in the shower when the hot water hit them), so next time I need to be better prepared, but I'm totally going to do it again.


Minus the debilitating cold I've been suffering from as a result of an unfortunate round (or four) of beer boots (and germ swapping) with friends last weekend, my New Year is off to a bang. Hope the same for you guys.