Severely lacking.

So I discovered what's been missing in my life all this time, in case you've been losing sleep over it like I have. THIS WEATHER.

I had the best 7-mile run after work today, and I 93 percent contribute it to the sunshine and the melted snow. It actually felt like spring. I could feel a draft through my shirt, and it felt good.

I could probably use a good dose of therapy, but why bother now that spring's here? I was actually happy to be running, although I spent a good deal of time dodging puddles the size of street blocks.

I hit the bike path near my parents' house, and ran the out-and-back route I've become too familiar with, so I left the Garmin at home. I already know the mileage by heart.

And so many others were out. I missed that. It's been too long since I've passed another runner on the road, nonetheless smiled and waved at a passerby.

But this weather makes me miss my running partners pretty badly. Courtney emailed me today, and hell, it's been almost four months since we've run together. We began our marathon training almost a year ago now. I can't believe it's been that long.

And AJ? Le sigh. Luckily, I'll be visiting her in the big Michigan next weekend, and when we're not matching strides, we'll be braiding hair and having pillow fights. Cannot wait.

I'm feeling particularly needy, and am desperate for a running pal so I can get back on track. My May 25 marathon will be here before I can say, "Oh shit."

By the way, Erin, I'm looking at you.