Several things to discuss briefly.

Hi. Do any of you live in Michigan? Because you should. Because my best good friend AJ is there. Hi, AJ! Hi! (Also I should say things like, "How dare you move away from me?" And, "I hate you, I can't believe you're in my wedding. Gross!" And, "Jaaaaaay-kaaaaay").

But really. Let's be serious for a moment. She is blogging about the upcoming Capital City River Run in Lansing, which will take place on Sept. 30. Hooray! So you should all go there, to the Lansing State Journal's website, and read her blog: Kick Asphalt. Mostly because I said so. And also because she's AJ, and I love her. So you have to love her, too.

In addition, I am officially registered for the Green Bay Cellcom Half Marathon this Sunday. Hooray, again! Free t-shirt! I'm flying solo this time because Courtney is running the full marathon, and then another marathon the following weekend, "just because." Because that's what she does - just runs entire marathons because. Holy cow.

Anyhow, I hope to meet up with my monkey friend Sara for the half. And I call her my monkey friend not because she's a monkey, but because I can. And I think, if my memory serves me correctly, when we were young college freshmen we called everything "monkey," and to us, that was funny. And now you know.

So these are all of the good things taking place. To replace bad things such as high gas prices and bad hair. Please carry on with your day.