Several exciting items on the agenda that I can ramble incoherently about.

You guys, what an exciting week ahead!

Firstly, hi, AJ was in town this weekend. Ah! And it was wonderful and we ran eight miles together, hand-in-hand (not really), and reminisced about days of old before she moved to Michigan to marry her hideous, med student fiance who'll for sure make nothing of his life.

I'm so lying.

But she did. Move, that is. (Whore). (I'm kidding).

Which brings me to B) I've made new running friends! (None of whom can replace AJ and all her glory, but they run, nonetheless). In fact, tonight, I will be heading out for a six-miler with one of them. And she may, or may not, leave me in her dust, but whatever. Whee! A running friend!

3. I get to meet... are you ready? OTHER ERIN on Thursday. Excitement! And Jodi Picoult! Thursday is me and Erin's official blind date, seeing as though we are solely e-BFF's, and have yet to meet in person. We shall be listening to Jodi talk about her new book - Nineteen Minutes - and we get a copy! Autographed, perhaps. Hooray! In addition, her and I have decided we will not hate each other because I am funny and she's not ugly. It's a win-win situation! Pictures to come.

In other news, I seem to have picked up my peculiar reading habits again. This is a moment worth celebrating. I finished a book this weekend, and got 150 pages into another. (A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, if you must know).

That's all.