Seven days?

Seven days is not a lot of time. I have to run a marathon in a week. Ew?

Like, I do them, and I live, and they've become quite doable, but I still get a bit of a nervous belly thinking about it. Twenty-six miles is really not a walk in the park. Takes effort and things. Effort is HARD.

I'm all at the starting line, kind of wanting to poo my pants because, REALLY, 26 miles? Shit.

Le sigh. The things I do for a t-shirt.

Plus, my running pal and I came up with a super neat plan to try and stick with the 4-hour pace group. Oh, hi, that's fast. Beating four hours is one of my life goals, right next to enjoying Starbucks with Barack Obama and publishing a best-seller.

Read: uh, not going to happen in seven days.

It's cool. What good is life if you don't have goals?

And, FYI, Hilary Duff is on Law & Order: SVU right now. WTF?