Running in a winter wonderland.

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane snow is glistening. No, really. Snow is glistening. Like, everywhere. In Wisconsin, anyway. I woke up this morning to a miniature blizzard outside my bedroom window. I LOVED IT. I love snow. Not so much driving in it, but living in it. I love walking in it, running in it, playing in it, building it, throwing it, peeing in it (just kidding).

It's pretty and white and fluffy and all sorts of varied mooshy adjectives. (Ask me in three months and I may throw a four-letter word or three in there). But running in it is my favorite. 

Two things make running in snow enjoyable: 1) when it's actually snowing, it's not that cold outside, and 2) it's soft. Much nicer than pounding on pavement. Forget that it's wet and blow-y and all that. It just feels all Christmas-y and winter-y. Like running in a holiday snow globe. No water or shaking necessary. 

I called Sue this morning to see if she was still on for our already scheduled run. Of course I was because YAY! SNOW! PRETTY! She agreed, and we went.

We ran just over three miles, which felt more like five after pushing our way through snow drifts and over ice patches. The snowflakes melted in our eyes and soaked our jackets, but it was totally worth it. I'll take running during snowfall any day over heat, rain or bitter cold. Lucky for me, living in Wisconsin offers all four! Sometimes in the same month! Neat! 

So running in the winter continues. Bearable so far, but I'm sure it'll quickly dissolve into misery and negative wind chills. 

For now I'll shut my mouth and suck it up. And play in the snow.