Runners high.

So, I've been running. I know! I couldn’t believe it either.

I was stagnant for over a month. I’m positive the most physically draining feat I accomplished was that time I unpacked a few boxes and moved the couch just a few inches to the left. You know, to align with the television.

It was starting to wear on my sanity.

I have many excuses for my lack of running, of course. Like the time I uprooted my life and moved in with family, spent a week job-hunting, didn’t have a home (or bedroom door), money for groceries, etc., etc.

But I’ve deduced that all of that is mostly a creative way of spelling l-a-z-y. And so I got off my ass on New Year’s Day and ran. An entire three miles. On a treadmill.


OK, so it wasn’t the most exhaustive venture, but it was a start. Since, I’ve gotten out everyday* to put in some miles. Most of the mileage has been on the treadmill, which is about as awesome as entering my fingernails in a nail-growing contest, but it’s better than nothing.

I did get to try out my Nike Pro tech apparel for an outdoors run over the weekend, though. And while I may have been sucking wind by the end of the seven miles, damn, I looked really cool doing it. So, I mean, that’s important.

It feels refreshing to run again. Taking a month off was not the wisest decision, but I’m not one for being wise. Or making decisions. But please feel free to keep track of my increasing mileage on the sidebar. I’ve decided not to make any running resolutions for 2008, but I do plan to keep track of my miles.

Speaking of not making any resolutions, I’ve got about, oh, I don’t know, five half marathons and one full marathon on my hypothetical race calendar for the year, so I guess that’s motivation enough to put my running shoes on.

And I have no wedding dress to fit into this year, but my apartment complex has a pool, if donning a bikini has any impact on my need to run.**

So, there you have it. I didn’t forget how to run. Good news all around.

* Every day but one. On that one day I found it absolutely necessary to wrap up in a cashmere robe and nap on the couch. All night. ** It really has no impact whatsoever on my need to run. But the thought of spending an entire summer by the pool makes my heart burst with love.