Rock the vote.

OK, so I'm bored. In general. I feel like I want to change the title of my blog. Of course I was inspired by Erika, who rocked her blog makeover recently. I feel mildly attached to Conversation With Myself because, well, it's like a child. But at the same time, I like new things. Particularly if said new things are shiny and sparkly, or meow.

I birthed the title of this blog by my own ability to snag a Jason Mraz song title. Clever, I know.

But I've been drumming up a few options, and would like your humble opinions. Also feel free to shoot over your own suggestions. Or tell me to STFU and leave it what it is. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, they say. But who are they?

My first idea, which I toyed around with a while back is, For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic. Or perhaps I'd throw out the proper capitalization and go with For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic. It's a bit longer than my current title. It's also the title of a Paramore song.

Maybe I need to get my own material.

Or not.

Because my next idea is no more original: Honest to blog? Of course, it's a quote from Juno, which is likely already circulating the world of blogging like wildfire. It might be a tad unoriginal. But so is stealing a song title.

THIS ONE, however, is totally mine: Glass Half Empty: Because I was thirsty. I think the "because I was thirsty" portion would be the sub-heading, and I'd go with Glass Half Empty as the actual title.

And, finally, I was bored. What's your excuse? It's kind of how this entire blog came to be back in 2005. Again, "I was bored" would be the title, and "what's your excuse?" would be a sub-heading.

Please advise. How attached are we to Conversation With Myself ?