Rock out with your wiener whistle out.

I survived. And it was good.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect bachelorette party. Seeing as though it's the only one I'll get, there was a little bit of pressure for it to be Exactly How I Wanted It. And it was. And then some.

There were six - The Sister, AJ, Mandy, ErinN, Jenny and myself. And we were one Hell of a bachelorette party. Of course, a bachelorette party isn't a bachelorette party without accessories. The Sister performed her Maid of Honor duties quite well, furnishing the girls with "Girls Night Out" leis, herself with a pink, feather boa, and me with a "Bride To Be" tiara and bachelorette sash. Perfection. And I can't forget the wiener whistles, which turned out to be quite a hit.

After gathering, taking pictures, drinking some, laughing, making penis jokes, laughing at AJ's cankles, discussing 9/11 (what?), more penis whistle jokes, petting the dog, laughing at the penis whistles, comparing asses, legs and penis whistles, we hit the road to Summerfest.

But first - we had to laugh about the penis whistles. They were simple, plastic creatures. You simply blew into the head and, well, it was a whistle. We decided it was our safety whistle. Should one of us wander, get lost in the crowd, or feel the need to blow a penis, voila, we had our whistles.

And of course we made a lot of jokes about blowing penises, etc., but you'll have that.

Dinner was great at the Milwaukee Ale House, which is where we headed before Summerfest. Many a passersby commented on our group, what with the leis, the tiara, the penis whistles, it was to be expected. Also we're hot, so, you know. And AJ has a nice ass, etc.

Summerfest was, well, Summerfest. Too expensive, too many people, and a lot of walking, but it was the perfect locale for parading around like the bachelorette party we were. Blowing our penises, taking pictures, people watching. We watched one of the night's headliners - Lifehouse - for approximately 9-point-three minutes, before deciding, you know what? We're kind of old and boring. Let's go home.

So we packed up our penises, turned off the cameras, and returned to a slumber party at Mandy's, which was perfect. Pizza, popcorn, wine and more laughing ensued, and we wrapped up the morning with egg sandwiches and hugs.

There isn't much to say about the night that the pictures can't describe. It was a great night with even better friends. And I would've had it no other way. Zero, zip, zilch. I love all my girls.

Less than six weeks until the ultimate celebration.