Road trip.

Hey Friday, are you here yet? Hi! It's me! I've got a big weekend coming up. A big weekend of girl time with AJ. THAT IS EXCITING NEWS, you guys. Mostly because I haven't seen her since that one day, months ago. Months and months. An entire season.

Pretty much a lifetime ago, really.

And so I'll shove myself into my car for a good five hours and road trip to Michigan. I've never been to Michigan, not once. Except maybe a quick trip to Upper Michigan. But not THE Michigan.

And I don't know the last time I spent five hours alone in the car. FIVE HOURS. Hello, loud music and mediocre karaoke. It will be incredible. I fully intend to make the ultimate road trip CD mix to carry me through the adventure.

Please leave your song suggestions in the comments. Thanks in advance.

AJ and I have a 10- to 12- mile run planned for Saturday that I am entirely too excited for. Twelve miles is more like four with AJ because we spend the whole time catching up on life. And we have a lot of life to catch up on.

You know, new dogs, mediocre jobs, new lives, husbands who take the television with them when they road trip back to Wisconsin to watch the NCAA tournament with a bunch of smelly men, leaving two women without the power of cable television for three days.

Hi! We don't need TV! We have pillow fights and hair-braiding! Take that, AJ's husband! Now go back to medical school and continue becoming a handsome, wealthy doctor, as is your intention! Thanks!

Cough. Not jealous, cough.

So, that will be my weekend. Not to mention an impromptu meeting with AGA of Running down a dream, who, through a bizarre, small-world series of events, has a connection to both AJ and I.


I love weekends. And running. And AJ. And blogging. And rambling.

Now just get me through the rest of the week.