My cubicle finally has some life on its walls. Some photos of family and friends. Random toys from training class. Adam Lambert lookin' all sexual on the cover of Rolling Stone... Robert Pattinson lookin' all sexy, in general... THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ON THE COVER OF A VALENTINE'S DAY GREETING CARD.

Just take a guess at which item had to be removed from my desk within two hours of it having been put up?

Yes. Barack Obama's greeting card. Because apparently it is taboo to display photos of the leader of our free country. Uh...

It made sense when I worked for a newspaper. We had to be unbiased. It was a newsroom. It makes sense when it's election season and the entire country is at each other's throats over their respective candidates. But when it's the actual president of the United States? On a greeting card? Really?

I'm sorry if you're offended by a photo of President Obama.

Wait. No, I'm not. It's ridiculous. He's our PRESIDENT. It's not like I'm running around throwing campaign bullshit down people's throats, trying to sway votes. I don't have an agenda. I have a president. Who happens to be on a greeting card. On my cubicle wall.

I don't care if you don't like him. If it was election season, and he was just a candidate, I wouldn't have dared hang Obama ANYTHING in my cubicle. Elections are a different ballgame. But it's too late now. He won the election. He's the president. Why does society, then, make it taboo to support the president? Isn't that counterproductive to the goals of our country?

And, hell, take it a step back. It's not even political propaganda. It's a greeting card.

Gah... Ridiculous.

It was mildly funny because right next to the card was an American flag sticker. They let me keep that up. So, I can support our country... ? But... not the president...?


Know what? I don't like your face, but I don't make you take it off.