Ready for another 400 miles or so.

Lucky No. 7. Yesterday I bought my seventh pair of running shoes since jumping back into running in 2005. Two marathons, four half marathons and countless miles later, I think I found my most favorite shoe.


Hello sweet, sweet Brooks Glycerin 6. Hi. I love you. Because you are PURPLE. And I totally judge by appearance.

After heading out for an excellent 7-miler with Erin on Sunday morning (complete with dogs and snow and gossip), we made our way to Endurance House, or the equivalent of what I like to call Heaven on Earth.

Specialty running shops are better than pizza. Even better than books. And that speaks volumes, you guys. It's like walking into a roomful of happy.

And because the store was celebrating its two-year anniversary this weekend, they had a fabulous promotion. With the purchase of a new pair of running shoes, you received a FREE ENTRY into the Madison Marathon.

Hel-lo, free entry. You had me at "free." Throw the word "free" in front of 26.2 miles, and I'm all over it.

And so now I have my new kicks, in purple, a free entry into a heinous, late-May marathon, and plenty of running to keep me occupied.