Random cat story to start your day.

So I stayed at my sister's place for two weeks while in the interim of one home to another. I just sort of shoved my things and my cats into her place and called it a day. HI. I'M HERE! SO ARE MY THINGS! HOPE THAT'S OK!

She promptly left and stayed with her boyfriend for the duration. We love each other.

So, it was my first night. I was snuggled up - in her bed, of course - when I was awoken by some sort of dramatic event. Banging. Things falling over. Growling.

Er... growling?

Harley. Of course.

I couldn't quite figure out what was happening, what with it being 3 a.m. and all. And my having been VERY MUCH ASLEEP. In someone else's bed. In someone else's apartment. With all my things. And cats.

The growling continued, as did the ruckus. And knocking over of things - that weren't mine. So I turned on the light. And there was Harley, her back foot very much stuck in a sticky mouse trap. You know the ones. The "humane" mouse traps. They just cause the mouse to stick, and then suffer and die. Rather than get smashed by a wire rod.


Because now my cat is stuck in one.


In her fury, and as I tried to grab her, she got her OTHER back foot caught in the glue. SO NOW BOTH OF HER BACK FEET ARE STUCK IN A MOUSE TRAP.



So I've wrangled her, she's all "WTF MOM?!" and with one hand on her head, the other hand caught in the mouse trap glue, I'm trying to pull her free. All while still in bed, of course. I'm just sort of leaning over the edge. Like I'm going to get out of bed for this. Please...

The glue just stretches. Gets more stuck. Now her tail is stuck, too. And while she's all, "WTF MOM!?" I'm all, "WTF CAT?! YOU DID THIS" and collectively we're both pretty pissed.

And now tail and foot and other foot and hand are all caked in mouse trap glue, and no one is free. And my cat is growling. WTFs are flying everywhere. Mostly from me. She's just growling. Pretty soon I'm going to start growling, too.

Eventually I pull her free. Only now her back feet - and the tip of her tail - are covered in glue. And with every pissed off step, her back feet are sticking to the tiles on the floor.

It's all, "thwap, thwap, thwap - shake! - thwap. Growl."

Mother of god. I cut off as much excess glue as I could, along with the chunk from the tip of her tail. Eventually - after three or four days - she worked the glue from her paws and quit her bitching. And I will never own sticky mouse traps. Ever.

And that's the story of Harley getting caught in a mouse trap in an apartment that isn't mine. You're welcome.