Random assortment of things and stuff.

Somewhere in the last 24 hours I joined the rest of the free world and became addicted to Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not so much their wedding, but them. She's so pretty and he's so losing his hairline. I feel like other than being absurdly beautiful, she's so normal, albeit extremely fashionable and the offspring of self-made millionaires, so not really normal at all, but so normal. And now she has to be a princess, and gosh, that must all be very stressful. But she's so cute and pretty, she'll be fine. Right? Right. Moving on.

I'm heading to Cleveland in three weeks (less than 16 days, actually, in case anyone is counting.) I'm running the Cleveland Marathon (26.2 No. 9, for those counting at home), but most IMPORTANTLY, visiting one of my absolute best good pals and life soulmates, Sara. I'm pretty pumped. We're gonna do things and stuff and play in Cleveland and she has a baby that I get to smoosh and take pictures of and omg. All of that. Just sedate me a bit when I get on a plane by my lonesome and we'll all be fine.

In other worldly news, I booked a trip to Punta Cana in December for my OTHER best good friend's magical wedding extraordinaire. PUNTA CANA. Beach. December. BEACH. Margaritas. BEST FRIEND. B E A C H. All-inclusive. BEACH! *scream* So, you know, that'll be probably an okay trip.

What else is happening, you guys? We've had nothing but clouds and rain and misery in Wisconsin as of late. It's a little harrowing after a while, you know? I'm about to do one of three things: Never get out of bed, take up self-destructive behavior or shut the hell up and deal with it because this is April in Wisconsin. It's a tough decision.

I picked up an old filthy habit again, which has been sucking up a lot of my free time. Reading. Gah. That shit needs to have a Surgeon General's Warning. May cause lack of socialization and exercise. But whatever, my couch is comfy. I'm in the middle of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, which, from what I hear is "omg such a good book read it now omg!1!!!" or "worst book ever, give up now while you can. Run. Save yourself." So. You know. It's polarizing, apparently. So far I like it? Is that acceptable to say?

That's all I've got today, kids.  Until next time. Don't forget to spay and neuter your pets. Or wait. Is that Bob Barker's line? Shit.