Ran a lot.

This weekend reaffirmed my love for running, which needed to happen. Someone said to me last week, "All I ever hear you do is bitch about running." A) REALLY? B) Screw you. C) It's what I love, I'm allowed to bitch. D) Screw you?

On Friday I plugged away at my last 20-mile training run before the marathon next month. It was hot, it was sunny, but I felt amazing. Felt better after the 20-miler than I did after last weekend's half marathon. My body didn't hurt, my mind didn't hurt. It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

Yesterday morning I ran the Crazylegs Classic 8K and had a blast. It was cold, it was downpouring, but it was so much fun. Reminded me of running in the rain during high school cross country practice. We used to love it. Everyone was soaked and in high spirits. A party in the rain.

Today, after 26 miles of running in two days, my body is happy. It doesn't ache, it's not angry. It's all machine-y and bad ass and ready for next month.

Will I still bitch about running? Probably. But running is mine. It's my time, my hobby - MINE. And I will bitch about what's mine if and when I want. Don't mess with a runner and their passion.