Quickest summer ever.

So, yesterday I was poolside, getting a sunburn. This morning it's cloudy and apparently October. WELCOME TO WISCONSIN.


I really haven't written much of substance as of late. I've been busy releasing my inner 'tween, ogling over vampires, etc. I CAN'T HELP IT, don't judge. And I certainly hope you all watched the MTV Movie Awards, because OMG. "Twilight" won just about everything and RPattz was sexy. Emphasis on sex. Just saying.

:: Twilight rant over ::

Speaking of nothing, my sister and I singlehandedly unloaded my apartment into a truck, and left the Village of Bad JuJu in our dust over the weekend. And dammit, it was AWFUL.

I hate moving. HATE. Hateful! Lifting heavy objects is HARD. Going up and down stairs is torture. And we're just a couple chicks. Two sisters loading up an entire apartment. ALONE.

F - our - lives. Seriously.

However, we did it! And damn, I'm proud. We don't need no mans... shoot. Actually, some mans would've helped a lot, but shhh. We did just fine. And all the way home, we chugged our giant 42-ounce jugs of Cherry Coke and blasted My Chemical Romance in the moving truck because WE JUST DID THAT ALL BY OURSELVES, BITCHES.

Take that.

(Although I'm not going to lie, I almost squeezed out a tear when I said goodbye to my apartment).

But now my mind is about 57 pounds lighter knowing that I don't have to worry about that city or that apartment any more.

Moving on...

Well, look at that. I don't have anything else even marginally exciting to say. And just so you know, I'm trying REALLY HARD not to post a picture of Rob Pattinson at the end of this post. So, you're welcome.