Question of the day.

I apologize if you do not care about this subject matter, but I do. And I win. So we're going to talk about it.

Who watches Grey's Anatomy? Raise your hand. Thanks. Who almost (or did) wet themselves when Burke proposed to Cristina? (Totally wet my pants, by the way). And then who wet themselves yet again when George proposed to Callie? (Raising hand).

This topic has been highly discussed amongst my people. Yes, I have people. Mostly, you know, just people who share a cubicle with me, but whatever. We discussed this. And the heated debate is about which of the women will accept their respective proposals.

My vote is that Callie will say no to George. It'd be more shocking. Plus, she's a smart (albeit semi-scary) woman. She knows George is feeling emotional. And she will not want to fall into the trap.

My other vote is that Cristina will say yes. Or no. Or they will break up. I've kind of had enough with the two of them, but I think it'd be sweet to finally see them actually like each other.

Please advise.