Push-up throwdown, the finale.

So, here we are. I've come to the end of the push-up throwdown. I first want to say that I absolutely endorse adding push-ups into your regular routine. They're hard, but the effects are amazing. After two weeks, I feel significantly stronger and more fit in my arms and core.


And I've noticed a benefit to my running, too. With more core strength, I find I have better posture. With that said, I fully intend to keep up with the push-ups.

If you remember, I made it to 30 push-ups when this all began. And right now I'm about to test myself for the final time. I'm hoping I've increased the amount of push-ups I can do before I burst.

:: push-ups ::

:: cross your fingers that it's more than 30 ::

:: are you crossed? ::

:: more push-ups ::

:: can you even handle the suspense? ::

OMG, I DID 41!


I improved!

I am thoroughly impressed with what this challenge did for me, holy cow. So you go do it, too. I dare you.

DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU.  Ooooh, dang.