Push-up challenge, an update.

I just did a set of 20 push-ups. And have four more sets to go. This push-up challenge may or may not have been the worst idea ever. My upper body is weak. And that has been made evident by how increasingly difficult it's getting to accomplish 100 push-ups every day.

But I've done it. Today is Day Six. And my arms are screaming.

There is one benefit I've noticed, however. And that is how incredibly sore this is making my abs and oblique muscles. I'm mildly confused as to how push-ups are working my abs, but I'm not arguing.

Clearly anything to tone a woman's midsection is hardly something to complain about. So, cheers to that, I guess.

I'll update you in a week when this whole challenge is over. The goal is to be able to increase the number of push-ups I can do in one sitting without dropping dead. I will have you know that before this started, and probably at this moment, that number is 30.

Here's to hoping that in a few days I can up that number to 31! Way to dream big, me!