Public service announcement: MOVE!!!

Somehow I hauled my weary, downtrodden ass outside for a seven mile run last night. I won't talk about how miserable it was, or the fact that I'd rather have been at home beating up people, so I'll leave it at that - I ran! Yay! But I made the mistake of running along Lake Michigan on the path. And really, is that a mistake? Running on a running path? With other runners and walkers and cyclists? Because that is what it's there for? Right?


So what the shit is wrong with people who think it's cool to just swagger their asses along the path, four people across, talking on their cell phones or yelling at their kids, and making the joggers, walkers, cyclists, etc., maneuver AROUND them? And then! When you do! They have the gall to make a snide remark!

REALLY ASSHOLE? Because I am not in a good mood and I am having a shitty run and I am NOT above cutting you. Hard. Get the fuck out of the way. (I said that out loud just now, didn't I?)

To be fair, running around a person is not difficult. It's not. But it's the fact that they see me coming. They know they're in the way. And they make zero effort to even pretend to move. Someone needs to read Miss Manners, for crying out loud.

A bike, however, is different. When you see a bike coming, MOVE. Jerks.

The lakefront is outrageous in the evening. The recreational path is a myriad of people weaving their way around the next person. Most people are cordial. Runners waving hello, rollerbladers smiling as they pass, walkers doing the same.

But then there's the rest of the asinine path-goers who are a fantastic reminder to get my run done in the morning, while they're all in bed hungover.