Proof, indeed, that I love my job.

I got caught in the weekend shift this weekend, working 2 to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday. Perfect way to spend the unofficial end of summer. Really.

I had to spend a good chunk of Friday evening snapping candid photos at a local football game. Pictures of the crowd, things like that. In between stalking said crowd, paparazzi-style, I found myself in the stands, with a coworker, who was covering the game. You know, down time.

They're intense, those football games. Lots to do, see, take pictures of. It's hard to catch your breath. Which is made quite evident in this photo taken by another coworker, who caught us in action:

Clearly a display of tenacity, love for the job. Perfect example of the stress I'm under from day to day.

Ah, life is hard.

(Photo courtesy of Shu-Ling Zhou)