Playing catch up.

First things first. I'm going to need someone to hold my hand and rock me to sleep when this season of "True Blood" ends. IT'S SO GOOD. It's so... odd. And strange. BUT SO GOOD. I won't say anymore, however, as to not spoil it for people who are behind. And who are those people? Because they need to get their priorities straight. On a completely unrelated note, I finally ran some miles this weekend. Like, 23 of them. Eighteen on Saturday and five more on Sunday. That all sounds lovely and like progress, but really, it was not. It was hotter than hell outside, which is what happens when you wait until noon to start an 18-mile run. It was hot and I was sweaty and there was not enough water in the world to quench my thirst. My pace was slow, I had to rest more than I wanted to, and in general I wanted to die. BUT, I did it. My legs have recovered swimmingly, but it's likely because I didn't put forth much effort either day as far as pace and effort go. I'm bound and determined to get in a solid 20-miler this coming weekend. I'd also like to put in one request for a 40-degree day.


Luckily, I had a super pacer and water boy with me on Saturday. He came in the form of a boy on a bike, carrying water, moral support and sanity. He even sped home ahead of me to prepare a bottle of ice water and wait at the corner to join me for the last tenth-of-a-mile. I will keep him, which brings me to my next conundrum:

Dating and the Internet.

Twitter is one thing. Anyone who follows me on Twitter likely knows who he is, at least by his Twitter handle, if nothing else. But my blog is another beast. I don't necessarily want to name him here. I could, but some things are sacred. Sometimes. I mean, clearly not much is sacred here on this blog, but I try. Once in a while. With that said, I refuse to give him some generic title like The Boyfriend or The Man. Seriously.

No. Just... no.

So today, until otherwise solved, he's the guy who spent several hours with me at my worst on Saturday. And it was good.

In other recent developments, my couch is no more. Thanks to one handy saw and a helpful friend, we hauled that thing (and its cat pee) out of my apartment in pieces last week. So, my apartment is still hot, and now I'm couch-less, but hey! I still have those doors!

Gotta look at the bright side sometimes.