*pats self on back*

I bought a wastebasket for my kitchen the other day. This is normally not news - OR blog-worthy, even by my standards - but I have not had a wastebasket in my apartment (aside from a small one in the bathroom) for two years. TWENTY-FOUR MONTHS.

Contrary to what you're probably assuming at this moment, I am not a hoarder. I do not have an apartment filled with cats and garbage 5 feet deep. Well. OK. There's no garbage. Cats are another story. But it started when I lived in a teeny studio apartment, where there was nowhere for a large wastebasket to go without feeling like I had a large, smelly wastebasket next to my coffee table alongside the bed, which also served as a dinner table. Because that's where it'd have to be. So I'd take trash out daily in a small plastic bag along with dirty kitty litter. Every single day ever. Over and over. And friends would be like, "Where's your garbage?" And I'd have to be like, "Oh. You know. Don't have one." It was all very awkward.

But now I have an actual apartment (with separate rooms and doors and things) with room for a wastebasket. Yes it took me almost six months to get around to it, but I like to live dangerously. Without wastebaskets. Somehow my life now feels complete and whole. If I'd known all it'd take was a goddamn wastebasket in my kitchen, shit. I would've done that years ago and saved myself a lot of trouble and heartache.

It's the little things, friends. Haven't we discussed this before? I like little things.

Wait. Let me backtrack. I like little things. In life. Life's little luxuries. Not, you know, all little things. Oh, this is awkward. Moving on.

Last week I also opened my first savings account in years. YEARS. Yes, you are correct, I have had no place to save money for multiple years. Lots of in-between jobs and joblessness and moving and starting anew makes it h-a-r-d for a girl to save money. But now I have a good job and a place to live that is mine and money and wastebaskets and OMG! ISN'T THIS FUN? So I have a place to save some of that money that I otherwise spend on eating Subway every single day of my life for lunch.

Last night I also got to use my new snowshoes. Went candlelight snowshoeing with some friends. And this morning I finally got to use my new French press that I got for Christmas. And after that I joined some awesome friends for a group run and a breakfast of French toast the size of my head. And I painted my nails a pretty electric blue color the other night. And this afternoon I get to watch the Packers play in the playoffs. And holy shit if I don't stop my brain is going to explode from joy.

So there you have it. Enjoy the little things in life, you guys. Appreciate your trash receptacles.