So we're sitting down in the living room watching Paranormal State on A&E. Have you guys ever seen this shit? Creepy. I've always been kind of fascinated by ghost crap, which is funny because I'm a complete wuss. This show is so... odd. Like, almost corny odd. But I have a mini crush on Ryan, the head of the weirdo paranormal brigade. So I watch. And watch. And watch.

(An aside: Why am I such a teenager? Put a cute boy on the television and I'm all, "Wheeee! Look! Boys!" I've got a lot of estrogen flowing through me, OK? Back off).

So, ghosts. I love the idea of them. Do not ever want to SEE one, but the idea is neat. Like that one time I went on the ghost walk in the cemetery and saw orbs in the photographs we took. AWESOME. But, get-me-the-hell-out-of-there. I like you, ghosts, but do not want to be your friend.

As a teenager, my friends and I frequented the Ouija board, and that thing worked. Like, ghosts "talked" to us. I know I wasn't moving the indicator. "Spirits" were saying "yes" and "no" and spelling things out.

Perhaps if we looked hard enough we would've noticed they were spelling "gullible idiots," but hey, we were, like, 15.

As a freshman, one of my 'tween girlfriend's had been scorned by a boy. Evil boys! Roar! So we did what any 14-year-old pre-pubescent girls would do (obviously), and made a voodoo doll in his image.


Only, when we showed up to band practice (GEEKS) the following Monday, HE WAS ON CRUTCHES.

We totally broke his leg.

So, I don't really know the point of this post, except that paranormal activity is all kinds of neat. As long as it's not scaring me. Kind of like this show. Right now.