Oops. One more!

Dear Everyone Who Is Reading This Right Now,

Well, hello there! Fancy meeting YOU here. Come here often? You totally should. Anyhow, hi. I would like to make a request. Would any of you who know one of my many, varied email addresses please send me an email with the following information:

Name (because, HI, who are you?)
Address (so I can stalk you)
Birth date (and make fun of your age)

I would like to update my calendar and address book. And I mean it. ALL of you. I don't care if you live in London, or if I haven't seen you in six years. Great, thanks! And if you don't HAVE my email address (and I-know-you/aren't-afraid-of-you), well, we'll work around it. You just leave me a nice, little comment.

With Deepest Regards,
The Creator Of This Here Blog