One thousand of them.

Oh yes. Tonight I did it. I logged my 1,000th mile of 2009. ONE-THOUSAND MILES. Me! Yay! Pat self on back! Etc.! I am ridiculously pumped about this. I've been shooting for that goal for two years in a row. And right now, I don't really have anything deep or wise or exciting to say about it. I did it. And that feels GOOD. It's only the second New Year's Resolution I've actually stuck to, the first being giving up soda for a year, which I did in 2007.

So, I'm patting myself on the back pretty hard right now.

The last two months have really given me a greater appreciation for running that I didn't have before. Through November and December I was scrambling to get those last couple hundred miles in. Logged 115 in November and am at 110 for December so far. I got myself into a solid routine, logging 30-plus miles a week. I felt motivated and challenged, moreso than any marathon training I've done. I had a real goal and I was hellbent on meeting it. It's a great feeling to work toward something.

Goals are good. It's the real conclusion I've come to.

I'm still going back and forth with my mileage goal for 2010. I'm struggling with setting it too high, or not setting it high enough. I want to bump it up from 1,000, but also don't want to set a goal that isn't realistic. I've got two days to decide, and will be sure to fill you in.

I'm going to go bask in my self-made glory now, don't mind me...