One of them has to go home?

I really don't know, people. I thought Jordin, Blake and Melinda were all awesome tonight. Although, after the first round of songs I wasn't really impressed at all. But by each of their third songs of the night, though, I was convinced they could all win.

Jordin. She's so cute. And so good. And her last song? I loved it the first time she sang it on the show, and I loved it tonight. Dang, she's good. And only 17. Amazing.

Blake. He does a dang good Maroon 5. And his last song? By Robin Thicke? Awesome. I don't really want him to go home yet. He's so unique. But I still don't like his hair.

And Melinda. Well, she's good. And she's going to have a career either way. Which is why I'd like her to go home tomorrow night. She just doesn't have that young, fresh vibe that both Jordin and Blake have, and that I think the American Idol should possess. For example, look at Taylor Hicks. Remember what he did? Oh, that's right. You don't. Because he's about as hip as Britney Spears is classy. He doesn't have the staying power of Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. But look what non-winner Jennifer Hudson did for herself. That could be Melinda. And Chris Daughtry? Exactly.

So my hope for tomorrow night is Blake and Jordin in the top two. However, my fear is that Blake will be outta here.