OK, somebody take me out back and beat me.

I'm lazy. There, I said it.

I have to run a half-marathon in one month and 18 days. For those who don't speak running language, that's 13.1 miles. Six months ago (whoa, six months already), I ran a marathon. So one might think, "She can do this. She ran a marathon."

But no. I've gone lazy.

I needed to run today. I take that back. I needed to run Saturday. And Sunday. And today. Did I? No.

I'm supposed to be following a 12-week training plan. So far, I've followed about one of those weeks accordingly. I've been winging the rest of it. Skipping a day here. And there. Getting jealous as my training partner way over in Michigan tells me she just got done with an 8-mile run. Eight. I've made it through a six-miler so far.

Back to today. I sat here, at my desk, watching the sun go down. The whole time thinking to myself, "I need to be running." I even got an extra hour of daylight, thanks to daylight savings, yet I continued to watch the sun sink for that entire extra hour.

I need motivation. Stat. Help.