OK, so I feel a little bad now.

A funny thing happened last night. Funny like we had no power in our apartment. All night. Funny like I finished The Catcher in the Rye by candlelight (10 tea lights, to be exact), and used the bathroom with only the flicker of a mediocre-scented candle to guide me.

And even funnier like I DID NOT GET TO WATCH AMERICAN IDOL. Unacceptable.

Thank heavens for Mom, though. And cellular telephones. And DVR. She called me just as Ryan was about to announce who was staying and who was going home. And I got to hear, live, as Melinda got sent packing.

Melinda? Eeek. I realize I had hoped she would go, but when it happened, I felt a little guilty. What if I like them all? And didn't want any of them to go home? Although Blake got a reprieve, I think all of the audible "boos" from the audience let him know they weren't pleased with the decision.


But now it's down to my two favorites, and I really don't care who wins. So I can sleep at night now. Sort of like last night, when I went to bed at dark, because what else do you do when you're out of candles and the lights don't turn on?