OK, fine.

No, I did not get rid of the bats. But I thought I'd finally post something new, so you scared-y cats could breathe again.

But for the past 24 hours, there has only been one bat. A bat. Just a little, lonely guy. I feel sort of sad for him, because, you know, I pity bats now. He sort of shivers when I make a noise at him, and I almost want to scoop him up and cuddle. Until I remember that part about rabies, et cetera.

So. There's still a bat.

And, Harry Potter has absolutely taken over my life. I have not run since Monday. Granted, I ran 16 miles on Monday, but I've been glued to the corner of our very uncomfortable couch ever since, making a mad attempt to finish the damn book so we can all carry on with our previously scheduled lives. Friends and family are waiting with bated breath for me to reach the end so we can finally discuss the happenings.

Tonight, friends. Tonight.

And in other news, Harley appears to be both mentally retarded and pooping solids. Both very good news. She's back to her old self again, thanks to the expulsion of her anal glands and an additional litterbox.

Maybe all we need is an extra place to poo.