Oh, the void.

I watched the final episode of Dawson's Creek last night. I successfully watched every single episode from every single season in, well, an embarassingly quick amount of time. But the point is, crap, what do I watch now?

I've already watched all six seasons of Sex and the City, my other vice, twice. So I could go back to that, but I'll soon know all the lines.

I also own season one of Grey's Anatomy, my most recent vice, but The Fiance and I just watched that in its entirety, in one day. Eight straight hours. On Sunday. So I can't start that over.

I need cable. Or a new hobby. Or to start reading because, hello, Stephanie Klein just wrote a book and it's been sitting on my nightstand for days.

But life is not the same without Pacey. And Joey. And Dawson, Jack. And Jen. Oh, poor Jen. Sigh.