Oh, sigh.

I do not need that two-and-a-half hours back. In fact, I want to take those couple hours and roll around with them and hang on to them very tightly.


I was fully prepared for it to not suck, partly because Batman Begins did not, and mostly because it was Heath Ledger's final role. (WHY, HEATH? WHY!)

I don't even know where to begin. Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne is such a bad-ass, and I'll forgive him for his horrible Batman voice. And Maggie Gyllenhaal was the smartest decision ever made. Katie Holmes, you suck. Replacing her was nothing but a good decision. Unfortunately I hated Harvey Dent and his Two Face character, but supporting actors like Morgan Freeman totally make up for it.

And the Joker.


Moment of silence.

That role was amazing. I get that he was a crazy psycho, but I think he was quite a likable crazy psycho. Heath Ledger was fantastic. No one will ever portray a better Joker. It was so cryptic to watch. His death officially sucks all over again. It doesn't help that Brokeback Mountain was on TV over the weekend, too.

Hrmph. And, I'm depressed.

So, point is - go see it.