Oh really?

Dear Anonymous,

Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for the comment you almost tried to post on my blog! It was so sweet, wow. I mean, man. Here, everyone else, you need to read this:

"So, you think you are cute? who thinks this? Because let's be real here. You are not cute, VERY droopy eyes,a really big nose, a chubby face, and no cheast! .....if thoes are qualities of cute....then i guess you are, but in my opinion, you are really not that cute."

I'm really glad you read this and took to heart the spelling and punctuation lessons I offered. Oh, and there's no "a" in chest.

Again. Thank you. So sweet. Wow. Keep on reading!

P.S. Dang, I am chubby, aren't I? Running marathons just doesn't cut it. What's your secret?