Oh, I tingle with anticipation.

In approximately 20 minutes, AJ will arrive with my wedding invitations.

If you'll recall, Bridesmaid AJ offered to make our wedding invitations for us as our wedding gift. And because The Fiance and I are both completely lacking in creativity and poor, we said, "Hell yes."

And yesterday morning? She finished the very last one. The very last one of one-hundred invitations. And I can't wait to see them.

There is, of course, no pressure on AJ. Because, you know, in case she printed the wrong address for the chapel, or printed August 9 instead of August 11, it won't ruin the entire wedding I've spent nearly a year trying to plan to perfection. Not at all.

And if they're ugly it's not as if I'll smile politely, then run home pulling out my hair screaming, "WHY GOD? Why! Is she an idiot?"

Because I won't. Because they will be beautiful. Because she is a queen. And because, quite frankly, they were free, so why do I give a darn?