Oh, I remember now.

Days like today are exactly why I run, I swear to God. It was the most perfect day. The sun was bright, the snow was melting, I wore only a long-sleeved shirt and got warm even with my sleeves pushed up. I took the dogs, and together we splashed in the puddles. PERFECT.

I went eight miles today. And eight yesterday. Eight feels like a good, round number, and each time I felt fantastic. Erin and I are hopefully heading out for 12 miles this weekend. Slowly, but surely, I will get my mileage to where it's supposed to be.

If only the weather would cooperate. I hear there's some more snow on the way this week, which makes me want to rip out my hair. Spring is a tease. A dirty, filthy tease.

However, running's gotten much more enjoyable with the dogs. Newt and Leonard have become my surrogate training partners. Those two could go for-e-ver. Eight miles to them is nothing. They just trot along like it's the easiest thing in the world. Plus I earn major canine brownie points, and before you can say "Mama Krista" I will have them wrapped around my finger.

All in good time...