Oh, hi! Still there?

Hey all. I'm alive! Swear!

No day-to-day job means no Internet access, and no Internet access means no blogging. That's worse than no steady paycheck. For real.

I've got a job interview tomorrow. Cross your fingers. All of 'em.

Just thought I'd pop in (from the l-i-b-r-a-r-y) to say hello. Fancy how the Internet is just free here.

MOB's in town, and we've been wallowing in the prospect of having dead-end careers. And by wallowing I mean, we've had a fabulous weekend, full of Graham Colton in concert and dentist appointments and a Packers game to watch in about, oh, nine minutes.

Life's still truckin' along, and soon I'll come at you with good news of a new job and a greater salary and nothing but puppies and rainbows!

Yay! Puppies!