Oh, hi. I live here.

img_50851 This is what you look at when you walk in the door. All those books make me look intellectual upon entrance. 


Then I turned around and took a picture of the door. That would also be Harley, looking at herself in a giant mirror that I found in a closet. Hi Harley!


And my bathroom. Looks smaller here than it really is. Just thought I'd showcase my high-class, vinyl shower curtain a la $9.99 from Wal-Mart.


Here we have a broad view of the living room and, uh, kitchen table. Yes, that is a Christmas tree. And yes, those are placemats with snowmen. What? The two doors along the back wall are each of the bedrooms. Or, one bedroom and one cat office.


Hello, giant kitchen space. If you look real close on my fridge you'll see Edward and Bella. And there are some dirty dishes in the sink, but never you mind that.


My living room get-up. Futon comes in handy when I don't need it for a bed. Brownie points to whoever can find Harley in this photo.


That is where the magic happens. I MEAN, where I sleep. Alone. Every night. That bed, by the way, is better than sleeping inside a magic cloud. Add an electric blanket and you might as well be curled up in the womb. SO fantastic. 


That is my teeny, tiny television, in case you were wondering. 


More, you know, stuff. And a full waste basket. 


On the ceiling you can see two of the four skylights. You wish you had skylights, I know it. 

OK, so that was my home. Please shut the door on your way out.