Oh hai!

Apparently all I'm good for as of late is cheaply posting pictures on my blog because I'm too lazy to type words. I'm such a hack... Sigh. My apologies. But look! Words! Can't promise it's anything exciting, but here I am, dammit.

I'm heading to Milwaukee for the weekend for a much-needed visit with some of my favorite friends. I'm also meeting a bunch of new friends at my first ever "tweetup." It's a "meetup" for "Twitter." People who "tweet." Get it? Tweetup? GOD THE INTERNETS IS SO CREATIVE.

But I'm not gonna lie. I'm so pumped. There are some fabulous people in the Milwaukee Twitter world. Even some new running pals from DailyMile, who I'm running with tomorrow. Who needs to meet people the old fashioned way when we can find them all online? I mean, really. Shut up. Don't judge. I puffy heart online social media.

If I didn't, I wouldn't have this blog. THEN WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Oh, right. You'd have one less thing clogging your RSS feed.