Oh, dragon boating.

It was that time, yet again. The annual Dragon Boat Festival. And, again, I was on a team. Dragon boat racing is hard, you guys. Like canoing, only not like canoing at all. Because it's HARD. And people are yelling. And water is flying. And biceps are burning.

And there's really no better way to spend a Saturday.

Say hello to our tent. Hello, tent. This is where our team of 20 paddlers, one drummer and our fabulous cheering squad camped out for the day. And it was a beautiful day, I might add.

Ah, our team. So pretty in yellow shirts and dragon hats. We're dragons. Get it? Dragons in a dragon boat? Right.

And this is what a dragon boat race looks like. That's a lot of people in one boat.

Uh huh. Doesn't that look like the most fun you've ever had in your life? Because it is.

Here are my favorite paddlers of the day, other than myself: Manda and Rob. Don't they look like badasses? Because they are.

Only I'm an even bigger badass, obviously.

Hi, we like to smile. And dragon boat race.

And here we are again, spent. Three races under our belt.