Oh, and also...

I ran today for the first time in ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR DAYS.


Dear Me, you haven't ran in 104 DAYS! Sincerely, Me.


So, well, that's pretty much forever in running time. I may as well have never ran a day in my life, including, you know, that whole marathon and whatnot. Yeah, huh. Remember that one time I ran a marathon? WEIRD.

So, July 26. That's the last time my lazy, broken self moved more than half an inch of my body. And that was a damn good run, too. Sigh. And, you know, ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR days later, I thought it'd be cool to try that whole running thing out.


Well, on a positive note - my legs felt good. But then again, my legs felt good on July 26, too, but I wanted to rip them from my body with a tire iron on July 27. (That sounds painful, yes?) I only ran three miles today. Well, almost three miles because about two-and-a-half miles into it I WANTED TO DIE. Not die because my shins hurt, but die because the REST of my body hurt. It's all, "WHAT IS GOING ON, YOU DON'T RUN! MA!" And how DARE I attempt to run THREE MILES? Three! As in, like, one-ninth of a marathon. As in, three miles used to be a WARMUP. As in, NEVER wait 104 days to run again.

The point is, I am out of shape. No, see, I'm not even a SHAPE. I'm just, there. All those pounds I've been losing, well, that was all my endurance draining from my body. My heart rate soared into the 180s, and I was just jogging. That's a surefire way to know I AM LAZY.


But I'm not devastated. No. Wait until my shins start acting up again for that. Rather, I'm encouraged. I know I can recover what I lost. Good news is I don't have any weight to lose, mostly just weight to gain. In the form of muscle. Boo.

So anyway, I ran. And it's been 104 days. Whoa.