Of course there was time to play.

My trip to San Francisco was amazing. There is no other word to describe the experience, the weekend or the city. There were so many firsts for me - seeing the mountains as we flew over them, my first sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, and viewing Alcatraz from across the bay. Those three memories I'll never forget. Oh, and that part about the cab accident. You know.

I'd never seen mountains before, so our view from the plane was fabulous.


We had all day Saturday to explore San Francisco, and Courtney, Heidi and I took full advantage. Fortunately, I'd later take in 26 miles of San Francisco during the marathon, but there was much more to see when I didn't have to be running through it.


Courtney and I already spent the last seven months bonding over our training, but I really got a chance to know and appreciate both Courtney and Heidi over the weekend, and that was great. We had such a blast. I came away from the experience with stronger friendships with both of them.


On Saturday morning we hopped on a Team In Training shopping shuttle and it dropped us off in the Marina district, from which we jetted down the road to the bay, and I got my very first glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge.


So freaking awesome. I could be much more eloquent in describing the experience, but why bother? Freaking is as eloquent as I can get about it.


And Alcatraz. You know my fascination with prisons, so being able to see this in real life was like nothing else. These are things I only see on TV, people. And there I was. There.


And I held Alcatraz in the palm of my hand. Whoa.


The three of us frolicked along the bay and made our way back toward civilization to get some lunch at Johnny Rockets.  Um, delicious. Greasy. Cheap. Delicious.




On Sunday, after the race and after crashing our cab into the son of God, we headed to the Haight-Ashbury district for wings. And chips, salsa and guacamole. And Cajun fries. And a bloody mary. We were hungry, alright.


It was magical.


I'll never forget the city. Or its sounds. Or sights. Or the feeling of being somewhere new and experiencing something so incredible. If I ever make it back to San Francisco, I'll probably just roll around in its incredible-ness.


I miss it already.