Now that's romance. In a, uh, chemical sort of way.

Who kept these guys a secret from me? How dare you.

When I arrived to work yesterday, my music-savvy friend left a pile of about 10 CDs on my desk as part of a music swap. Among them: Taking Back Sunday, Modest Mouse, The Used, Straylight Run, Youth Group, and right on top - My Chemical Romance.

(Now let me just throw out there that I loaned her my favorite Kelly Clarkson CD, much to the chagrin of her music snob fiance. I'm just sayin'. Apparently "Since U Been Gone" doesn't hold a candle to Taking Back Sunday. Or Modest Mouse. Or, well, anyone. I, however, disagree).

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand.

My Chemical Romance. Whoa. Yes, I realize they appear semi-sadistic. Yes, I realize lead-singer, Gerard Way, has white makeup and darkened eyes. But yes, this band is fantastic. Fan-tas-tic. The CD ("Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge") hasn't left my car. Or my iPod. Or my head.

That's all I can really say. It's loud. It's angst-ridden. And I'm not loud or angst-ridden, but gosh it's good to pretend I am for 13 tracks.