Now that's much better.

I got back on my bike last night, and I don't know if that's the miracle, or if the fact that I went for a run after the bike ride is the miracle. Either way, I got off my lazy ass and it was glorious.

I only went about 10 miles on the bike, which felt like a walk around the block compared to the MS Ride, but I loved-it-so-much. Sigh. I hopped on Milwaukee's Oak Leaf Trail just near my apartment and rode.

I dare say I missed my bike. I also feel like it was much easier to just hop on my bike and ride than it is to throw on my running shoes and run.

Anyway, wheee! Bike ride!

When I got back, I met Tara for a run along Lake Drive. A) I ran! And B) one day when I'm rich and have a mansion, I'll live on Lake Drive, too.

I think that's what I missed about running - a running partner. We only went four miles, but it was a painless four miles. We gossiped and laughed, stopped to stare at the lake (I still have a hard time believing I can stare at that lake any time I want).

Of course when we got back, we ordered mushroom, sausage and onion pizza and drank cheap wine 'til past my bedtime, but why not? Gotta reload the carbs, man!

Tonight we'll be heading to Bastille Days for the Storm the Bastille 5K, which of course means more running. I'm on a rolllllllll.

But I can't promise that won't be followed up with a beer. Or something greasy. Maybe I'll ride my bike after work to make up for it.