Now if only someone wrapped some motivation with a bow and put it under the tree.

This Christmas was very good to my running habits. I walked away from the tree with winter running gear, sports bras, an iPod Nano and the Nike+ System. (Haaaa-llelujah!)

It was magical! I could be a real runner! In the snow! I'd train through the harsh, winter months and emerge in the spring ready to smash a one-hour and 45-minute half marathon!

All while shedding some extra pounds and sculpting rock hard abs!


Whatever. I have dreams.

So, after walking away from the tree, arms wrapped around the Holy Grail of winter running, head spinning with visions of 6-minute miles, I sat on the couch and remembered the last time I even ran.


What the hell was I thinking? I wasn't smashing any kind of records at this rate. I mean, Jesus, I played three games of darts on Christmas Day, and my right bicep is still sore. I am weak.

This revelation totally killed my momentary runners high, so I ate another cookie.

My New Year's resolution for 2008? Get off my lazy ass and start running.